For most business people meetings are a painful experience. You sit for hours in a small and mostly white room with a lot of other people. You talk about important themes and try to come to a conclusion. But at the end of the day, there is no clear solution found or decision made. Therefore, you sometimes are even more stressed then before the meeting as you all have ”lost time”. So, why not choose a special meeting place which offers you all a relaxing atmosphere and stress-free environment? Why not experience a new form of meeting instead of sticking to the known? Why not try out a new business meeting experience by playing golf in our hotel?

In this Blogpost we will give you 3 reasons why a game of golf in our Hotel Pax is a good alternative to the standard meetings. Because golfing is so much more than only a meeting point for the elite or wealthy people around the globe. Don’t believe us? – Then check our:

3 reasons why you should consider a golf play in our Hotel Pax as business meeting place: 

 1. Quality timeGet to know each other

”Golf [..] has the ability to build lasting relationships in a few short hours, promote executives, fund projects, build teams, break down barriers, and create an environment of deal-making […].’’

–  Colleen Ferrary Bader, self-employed consultant

A golf game offers the ideal prerequisite for getting to know each other. Where else do you get 4 to 5 hours in which you could discuss without any pressure or work distraction? Furthermore, you get to see and experience different behavioral and emotional patterns of your golfing partner. In addition, you will gain a new perspective of him which you wouldn’t get to see in the office space.

Besides golf is a gentleman’s game. This means, that it is based in honesty and trust. Because every player is responsible for his own score and reporting errors. So, how is your golfing partner playing? – Is he a fair player following the rules no matter what, or does he try do cheat when he feels unwatched? Such newly gained behavioral insights of your golfing partner may help you during your decision-making process before closing a deal. These insights can give answers to some questions such as: ”Is this a business partner in which I can trust?”.

Moreover, playing golf can become a common interest. Therefore, it can build the bond for a healthy business relationship or be the start for a long-lasting friendship (Wood A. 2018)...

2. The perfect mix between movement and relaxation

”Golf [..] has the ability to [..] stress relief, and wellness. It’s the one place where we willingly shut off our phones, turn away from distraction and become one with nature and ourselves [..].”

– Colleen Ferrary Bader, self-employed consultant

Golf is a sport which improves your health as it requires the use of legs, arms and body muscles. You will have to walk a lot throughout the court and stay active – provided you don’t want to use a buggy. Nevertheless, you also get enough time to relax yourselves on a mental basis like for example during the play times of your golfing partner or while walking to the next hole. And due to the beautiful and natural scenery, you have better conditions to easier relief stress and dive into the stunning surrounding of our golf area (Wood A. 2018).


3. Our service

”Most people don’t know what they want. Some people kind of know what they want. […].”

Colleen Ferrary Bader, self-employed consultant

The Hotel Pax is pleased to invite our guests and visitors to an unforgettable experience during their stay. Our spacious and modern golf course is a main attraction for young and old. Furthermore, our course has the right mix of difficulty levels whereby it is adequate for beginners as well as advanced golf players.

Moreover, our golf playing guests can buy or **loan the required equipment in our own golf store ”HIO”. The selection ranges from golf balls to cart bags and from putters to clothes. In addion our golf playing hotel guests profit from a 15% discount in our ”HIO” store. 

Got eager to invite your business partner to a game of golf? – Check out availability of starting times on our website or get in touch with Steve, our Head of Business Meeting and Events, via the contact form.

**loan: If you are interested in loaning, please approach one of our qualified HIO staff member as not the whole sortiment is available for this option.

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Wood, Andrew (2018): 10 Reasons Golf Will Always Be the Ultimate Business Tool! GolfOperatorMagazine. Online