”Massage is the study of anatomy in braille.”

– Jack Meagher, masseur 

Massage – who has never heard of this magic word? Most people already start to relax themselves and feel better when only thinking of being massaged. But have you ever asked yourselves what exactly a massage is? Or where this powerful treatment comes from and what its purpose is?

If not, we give you some depper insights to it. And for those, who have already heard of it, leave a comment in the section below and share your opinions and thinkings with us.

What is a massage?

It is a treatment which is normally conducted by a trained person. Depending on the type of the massage and the used techniques, the effects may vary. But in general, the purpose of it is to mechanically influence the skin, connective tissue and musculature through stretching. By doing so it can reduce the body and mind tension while incresing your level of well-being and health (Stopfer. 2016).

Origin of the massage and it’s different types

The origin of massage can’t generally be determined on a certain date or country because it depends on the type of massage one is talking about. 

In this tableau below we have listed the 3 types of massage which are mostly known and also offered in our Hotel Pax.

Massage Type


Description and effect

*Classic massage (Swedish massage) Sweden Based on targeted massage movements which release tension and have a very positive effect on the muscles.


–          Relief the musculoskeletal system

–          Relief of convulsions

–          Relaxation

–          Dissolution of physical & mental tension 

(Stopfer. 2016)

*Thai massage (Nuat Phaen Boran) Thailand Muscles, tendons and joints are treated by the masseur with different pressure techniques and strains. The masseur therefore, uses his hands, thumbs, knees, elbow and feet.


–          Stimulation of the cardiovascular system

–          Stimulation of the muscular system

–          Reaeration of the nervous system

–          Stress reduction

–          Harmonization of body and mind

(Stopfer. 2016)

*Hot Stone Massage Asia, North- and South America Black basalt stones, which have a maximal temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, are placed on the body of the patient. The masseur uses aromatic oil and the stones for the massage.


–          Extensions of the blood vessels 

–          Calming the nervous system

–          Relieving statis

–          Reduces joint problems

–          Peeling effect on the skin duet to hot stones

(Stopfer. 2016) (energieundentspannung. n.D.)

 *These massages are available at our Hotel Pax

How to find out which massage technique is suitable for me

There is no such thing as ”the perfect’’ massage session which solves every problem. But in order to reduce specific problems, like for example back pain or water legs, a specific technique, in that cases it would be the classical massage and lymph drainage, could faster lead to the desired outcome: well-being. Ideally the massage therapist could answer you this question after a short discussion with you. But if you want to inform yourself a bit better have a look at our short check-list.

Massage type

Suitable if:

Classic massage –          You want to relax yourself

–          You are slightly tense

–          You just want to enjoy being kneade

(Cronkleton. 2018)

Hot Stone Massage –          You want to reduce your physical and mental tensions

–          You enjoy the warmth in general

–          You want to experience unordinary techniques

(Cronkleton. 2018)

Thai Massage –          You are often stiff (neck, back)

–          You feel stressed

–          You regularly have problems with your joints

(Cronkleton. 2018)


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