”It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

– Charles Darwin, English biologist, geologist and naturalist

Some years ago, movies which contained humans using interactive surfaces, voice assistants or robots doing our jobs, were classified as science fiction. A lot of people didn’t believe that such things could happen, or at least, in some hundred years. Nowadays, some of these science fictional ideas from filmmakers and authors, have become reality. As for example we are using one single device to talk, text, pay and entertain ourselves – the smartphones. And at home some of us are using personal virtual assistants like Alexa in order to control light, our agenda and so on. And that’s just to name few things.

The increasing importance of technology in our daily lives is also in the mind of the hotel industry. In the past years various hotel chains have started to include newest technologic devices and software into their facilities. Like Marriott, in 2015 they introduced the first even in-room virtual reality travel experience (Marriott. 2016).


Currently existing high-tech hotels in the world

Of course, there are already some hotels existing which are fully equipped with the newest technology and robots offering more than only VR. Examples therefore, would be:

Name of the Hotel Location What is special about this hotel
Henn-na Nagasaki, Japan First hotel of the world (stand 2015), which is entirely staffed by robots. Services done by robots or artificial intelligence (AI):

–          Check-in procedure

–          Luggage service

–          Concierge

–          Entering room

( 2018)

Yotel New York City, USA This hotel has no human employees at all. All services are conducted by robots. From check-in to food/room service or housekeeping: And apart from other guests staying in a Yotel, you will not find other people there.

(Khanna. 2011)


Hotel Pax 2.0

Having a close eye on the latest technological and artificial intelligence development, our Hotel Pax team was wondering how our hotel could look like in some years. In this list below, you will see some of our ideas.

Facility Description
Golf area Self-driving golf cars Guest can use self-driving golf cars

Smart equipment Due to sensors in the golf balls and bats, golfers can receive statistic right to their smartphone to improve their techniques

Smart rooms Interactive walls which offer different surroundings for our guests (like a forest, desert, view from mountains and snow, city view)

Central control system Guest can control the room *facilities by tablet, own smartphone or voice assistant (like bixby, alexa or siri) *from heating system to roller blinds or lights

Wellness & Spa Massages Special capsules increase wellbeing level of gusts by doing special treatments such as: cell regeneration, muscle loosening program or massages


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What do you think of our ideas? Are they realistic to you or are these possibilities too much Sci-Fi alike?  Let us now and leave a comment below.