Nowadays, there are various trends of eating and living habits existing. Thus in order to help people live a healthier life. These days we have vegetarians, vegans and organic products lovers. But other lifestyle trends such as biohacking are also gaining on importance. But do you really have to follow these food trends and eating lifestyles to be healthy?  And what exactly does it mean to be healthy?

What is health?


”It costs money to stay healthy, but it’s even more expensive to get sick.”

–  Ashleigh Brilliant, author and cartoonist

Before getting a further insight in what it means to be ”healthy”, it is important to firstly fully understand what the term ”health” means. In 1948 the World Health Organization defined health as the following: ”Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’’. Therefore, health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. And in order to maintain this state of well-being, it is important to prevent illness and disease. This can be achieved due to healthcare (Nordqvist. 2017).

Moreover, health is a measureable goal. Therefore, it can be an achievable target, like loosing 10 kg. And as soon as you accomplish your goal and maintain it, you can consider yourself as healthy.


Different types of health

There are different types of health existing and they all play an important role in our daily live. The following section will give a further insight on the types and their meanings. Please be aware that this list ist not exhaustive.

Physical health


”Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind.’’

– Nelson Mandela, Southafrican activist

Physical health is reflected in a person, whose body is good working at peak performance. Therefore, you are able to use your physical strength during sport sessions or in your daily life routine. And while doing so you don’t get immediately in pain. Because your body is working like a good oiled machine.


  • Blood pressure is in range
  • Appropriate flexibility in the joints
  • Optimal weight (not too high or too low, just in the range)
  • Coordination
  • Good recovery pace (after a run you are not that fast out of breath)

How to achieve physical health

This state can be achieved by regularly practicing sports, repeating exercises and having a conscious eating habit. But physical health is also maintaining a physical fitness. This means that you should not only develop your stamina but also your heart function, body composition and muscle strength. Chose a sport which challenges your mind and body, like golfing or tennis (Morin S. 2017).

Emotional health

”When our emotional health is in a bad state, so is our level of self-esteem.’’

– Jess C. Scott, author

Emotional health is the state of ”optimal functioning”. This includes your thoughts, feelings, behavior as well as expression and control of emotions. It is the balance a person reaches for your inner self and outer self.


  • Good physical health
  • Emotional balanced 
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Healthy habit and attitude
  • Realistic mind
  • Seeing the good in yourself
  • Living your life with a sense of purpose
  • Identifying and building up personal strenghts

How to achieve emotional health

Emotional health doesn’t just happen. It is a life long process of dealing with yourself in different situations. So, take your time to think, learn from your made mistakes and try to improve. Ask yourself regularly what makes you happy and do it (Adnani. 2017).


Vocational health


”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’’

–  Confucius, chinese philosopher

The definition of vocational health concerning the is: ”A vocationally well person selects an occupation that utilizes their gifts, strengths and skills and aligns with their interests and values. A vocationally well person strives to balance work and non-work obligations and activities, including learning how to say “no” to maintain that balance.”.


  • Build up your own opinion and stand behind it
  • Strong will
  • High self-esteem (know what you want and get it)
  • Authentic

How to achieve vocational health

In order to get vocational health it is important to be courageous and say ”no’’ if you are not able to do something. Furthermore, you should also be brave and stand behind your opinion. Be authentic and keept focusing on your own path. But most importantly, be true to yourself and others (Smith. 2016). 

Social health

”Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.’’

– Oprah Winfrey, talkshow moderator

Social health is the ability to have interpersonal relationships (friends, family and partner). Furthermore, it is the ability to adapt yourself to different social situations. Such as being empathic when someone is having a bad time and needs help or consolidation. 


  • Friendly
  • Empathic
  • Sympathetic
  • Respectful
  • Personal interactions
  • Healthy environment of people who likes you

How to achieve social health

To improve your social health level, it is important to be emphatic and affable. It doesn’t mean that you have to be or become extrovert it is rather about being sympathetic. Enjoy the time with your relatives, be friendly and listen to what others say. Don’t rely too much in the social media friends and discover the world and its people by having personal interactions (Dreamcatcher. 2015).  


Mental health (intellectual)

”Your mental health is more important than the test, the interview, the lunch date, the meeting, the family dinner and the grocery-run. Take care of yourself.’’

–, largets consumer mental health site in the net

Mental health is the state of a persons psychological, emotional and social well-being. It includes the ability to enjoy your life, adapt to adversity but also feel safe and secure. Further point could also be: mood swings, achieve your potential and bounce back from difficult experiences.

As mental health varies from person to person, it is hard to correctly do a diagnosis on this health type. Probably everyone has already had a bad experience in the past, like a break up for example. While some people recover themselves faster and start to focus at the positive sides of life, others need more time to do so. Nevertheless, mental health issues can be threatened in special clinics, hospitals and with healthcare.


  • Take action when a problem arises
  • Capacity of an individual to interact with others and the environment
  • Socially adaptable

How to achieve mental health

Mental health can be achieved by sleeping enough, having a balanced nutrition and regular exercising. Furthermore, stress reducing activities such as meditation or massages can also increase the mental health level. But one of themost important point is to know your own value and give priority to yourself.  Do what pleases you and don’t forget, in order to make others happy, you should make yourself happy too (Budhbhat. 2013).


Spiritual health


”Spiritual health is the path to inner peace regardless of the turmoil around you.’’

–, online community

Being spiritual healthy means that you have faith (in a religion or something else) and respect for yourself and others. Moreover, a spiritual healthy person has a clear target or path which makes your live liveable. Furthermore, spiritual health involves your values, beliefs, moral and ethical aspects.


  • Self-acceptance
  • Emotional control
  • Know what is good for you
  • Able to release yourself from ‘’bad’’ influences or relationships
  • Ability to forgive
  • Kindness
  • Charity and generosity
  • Sharing and caring

How to achieve spiritual health

Spiritual health is linked with emotional and mental health. Be positive, take time to relax yourself and do what pleases you, helps you to increase your level of spiritual health (Vasallo R. 2014).    


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At the end all these types are important and matter, as they are all linked to each other. Just focusing on 1 or 2 areas will not boost your life up. It is crucial to follow your own steps while achieving your goals and do what seems right for you. Take your time to develop and try to find your own balance.  And remember yourself:

”The greatest wealth is health’’

– Virgil, latin poet




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